Off on my Travels Again!

Hello everyone!  Happy New Year!

For those who are following there will be many more of those stories to come and the site will continue as is. With the exception of my most recent post about my visit to Saipan earlier this year, those stories are still back in the 70’s.

I’m starting this new series of posts on so that I can post stories about my current travels – and I have a lot planned for this year.  First up is my cruise on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth.  I’ll be joining her right here in Fort Lauderdale on January 20th and will enjoy six relaxing weeks as we transit the Panama Canal and sail ever southwards across the Pacific to New Zealand and Australia.  Lots of interesting ports along the way and fun activities on board.

Three more trips as the year progresses – Transatlantic cruise, Mediterranean cruise, and perhaps my swan song – a long-awaited voyage to Antarctica.

So. travel along with me. Send me your comments if a story has particular resonance for you. Let me know if I make you feel you are there.


14 thoughts on “Off on my Travels Again!

  1. Oh Rosemary LIFE is good and you sure know how to enjoy EVERYTHING!! We took Canal cruise and got back on Jan 17th. Only one Lock but it was great. I admire your love of life and the world is your oyster!!!


  2. Hi Rosemary, What memories you have revived! We hope we might be able to meet up with you in Sydney.
    Love, Jeanette & Claude


  3. Hi Rosie, I love hearing about the first part of your journey. Althought we have done the Dunn river falls which was fun we were not on a cruise ship. I love the Queen Victoria it is a beautiful ship. I do however look forward to your adventure on the new Queen Elizabeth as that is my hope to go aboard one day. Enjoy . Love Ann


  4. OMG, looks and sounds fabulous. You have a wonderful way with words, made me feel like I was with you. Be careful and stay safe!



  5. Hi Rosie! Sitting in the San Francisco airport and reading your blog. Hope you get some new, interesting table mates for your next leg. Thinking of you!


  6. Hi Rosie,
    I am really enjoying your journey it sounds like so much fun and all the pictures.
    Look forward to your next adventure on your next port of call.


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