The Pics I Couldn’t Post

The entrance to Muir Woods near San Francisco


The view from Belluna Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Queen Elizabeth and Royal Princess like toy boats in the bay.cabo 9

An active volcano in Guatemala, its puff of smoke clearly visible from our bus.macnut4


One thought on “The Pics I Couldn’t Post

  1. Fantastic to read of your travels etc. Trevor and I did many travels earlier and lead a quieter life now. However just returned from a trip to South Island staying with my brother David and wife Pam, also caught up with my Cousin
    Val. We spent two years in the Solomon Islands, a year in Fiji where Trevor was asked to do some training and take care of the base. Girls were quite young and I did their schooling by Correspondence School – and both girls ahead of their class when we returned to NZ. Both girls married now with children of their own. Better close this now as is getting too long. Keep in touch lovely hearing of your travels. Love Jean.


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